In-floor CourierCare

The Courier Service with Extra Special Care...

...and for a limited time only we are also giving you
"A 5 Year Extended Warranty" for FREE!!!

CourierCare is the latest innovation in Flooring Delivery. Designed by In-Floor with specialist input from some of the world's biggest courier companies, CourierCare guarantees your floor will be delivered pre-acclimatised and with NO damages.

The Research Results (December 2011)

On average, 37.8% of Laminate and Hardwood Flooring
standard Courier Deliveries arrive damaged.

48-72 Hours Product Acclimatisation required before installation of product.

CourierCare Result (January 2012)

Only 0.2% of Laminate and Hardwood Flooring CourierCare Deliveries arrive damaged. We monitored 1,000 deliveries completed in January 2012 and we achieved 99.8% success!

NO Product Acclimatisation required, you can install
the product straight away, NO WAITING!

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